Rachel Epstein
Rachel Epstein

Rebel PR

In January 2016, myself and four other students founded and developed Rebel PR—a communications firm specializing in brand management, creative, and strategic planning. As the account manager, I directly managed a creative director, copywriter, research director, and media director as we produced a full campaign for a Gainesville-based client. 

Beginning with a 30-page situational analysis, my team and I performed quantitative and qualitative research including surveys, focus groups, and experiments. We then created a strategic plan composed of the strategies and tactics for the campaign, which I would later pitch to the client at the end of the semester. 

Amongst a variety of tasks, I conceptualized and oversaw all content including but not limited to the situational analysis, research findings, campaign book, deliverables, the client pitch, and more. 

My team and I received the award for "Most Risky Campaign”—praised for our ability to think both creatively and critically, exceed expectations, and provide the client with an innovative campaign plan to help her brand succeed in the present and the future. 

Introducing our campaign, "Transcending Love Education." To view the entire campaign including the supplementary materials and deliverables, click here

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